Man’s best friend helps blind buddy

Hercules (right) and Muellas (left) are best friends. Muellas is blind and relies on Hercules to get around.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A dog named Hercules walks along a wall at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, and every few feet he stops to check on his blind pal walking behind him, Muellas.

Photo of Hercules, a Pit-Bull-Lab mix, courtesy Allen County Animal Care and Control
Photo of Hercules, a Pit-Bull-Lab mix, courtesy Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control

Hercules and Muellas were brought to the shelter Feb. 27, 2015 because the owner no longer could afford to care for them. As far as the shelter knows, they have always been together.

Muellas has been blind for a long time, although the shelter isn’t sure just how long. But if there’s one thing the staff at the shelter is certain of, it’s that these dogs shouldn’t be separated.

“ [Hercules is]definitely his body guard, his big buddy. They definitely belong together,” Public Relations and Humane Education Director Jodi Hamilton said.

Photo of Muellas, a rat-Terrier mix, courtesy Allen County Animal Care and Control
Photo of Muellas, a rat-Terrier mix, courtesy Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control

“Muellas is always walking along a fence line or a wall to make sure that he’s safe but Hercules will stop every once in a while and turn around and just touch him with his nose real gently to let him know he’s there,” Hamilton said. “ A lot of time Muellas will kind of walk right at the hind legs of Hercules.”

The animal shelter calls these best friends a bonded pair. When they both were first brought in, the shelter tried to split them up, but Hercules would whine all day and night and Muellas had lost his confidence.

As soon as the two were put back together the dogs began to flourish and adjust very well to the shelter.

A generous donor has paid for the adoption fee of the two animals, which is usually $25 per animal. Hercules is an eight-year-old Pit-Bull- Lab mix and Muellas is and eight-year-old Rat-Terrier mix. Hamilton explained that sometimes it’s hard to find someone to adopt two dogs, especially when one is a small dog and one is a larger dog.  However, the shelter is still hopeful that these two dogs will find a home.

“When we see bonded pairs like this our hearts go out to them, and we really try to go the extra mile just to make sure they find a loving and wonderful home,” Hamilton said.

A veterinarian with the animal shelter said Muellas’ blindness isn’t something degenerative; it’s something he can live with for the rest of his life.

“Give some older dogs a chance, because what you see is what you get and they really are wonderful and they still have a life time of love in them,” Hamilton said.

Hercules and Muellas can be found at the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control located at 3020 Hillegas Road. Can’t adopt? Click here to make a donation to the shelter.

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