Backyard sinkhole in Pa. reveals mysterious room

LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) – A sinkhole has unearthed a mystery in Lebanon.

Pa. sinkhole
From above, the sinkhole looks about 10 feet long, four feet wide, and about seven feet deep, but look down inside and you will find there is much more. Stone walls make what appears to be some type of circular room with metal beams supporting a metal ceiling.

“I thought ‘oh, my God.’ I did not know what to think,” Sandra Norton said.

Norton lives at the home in the on Canal Street in Lebanon, Pennsylvania with her granddaughter, Ashley Norton. She discovered the hole Saturday afternoon when she let the dogs out in the backyard.

Since then, the family has learned a little bit about the history of the property.

Pa. sinkhole

“There was an auto body shop in 1925, but in 1875 there was a brick manufacturing,” she said.

Norton says her granddaughter has reached out to a contractor to see how much it will cost to fill in the hole. She also hopes to learn more about the property with the help of the Lebanon County Historical Society.

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