Fifth suspect arrested in connection with Syracuse shootings

Mugshot of Thomas Glen Hursey courtesy the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department.

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – Police have arrested yet another person in connection to a double homicide in Syracuse.

On February 19, Tara Thornburg and Joshua Kinsely were shot in the head after a dispute over an ounce of marijuana. Kinsely died at the scene and Thornburg died later at a hospital.

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Thomas Glen Hursey is the fifth person arrested in connection to the crime. The 27-year-old from Warsaw faces the following charges:

  • Two counts of murder
  • Aiding, inducing or causing robbery with serious bodily injury
  • Aiding, inducing or causing obstruction of justice

According to probable cause affidavits sent from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department, Hursey admitted to police that he, along with two other men, went to Thornburg’s home with the intention of sealing her marijuana. Hursey said he was with Kyle DeHart and Brandon Woody. Woody and DeHart are also facing murder charges in connection to the deaths of Thornburg and Kinsely.

According to court documents, Woody, DeHart  and Hursey went to Thornburg’s home on on February 19. Hursey told police they went there with the intention to steal weed from her. Hursey said they also brought a black bag with them containing a tape and a knife. He  told police they planned to use the tape to restrain her and planned to slit her throat with the knife, according to court documents. When they got there, according to Hursey’s account, Woody took an ounce of weed from Thornburg and gave it to DeHart before shooting Thornburg in the face. Woody then ran downstairs and shot Knisley, according to court documents on the case. While Hursey admitted to police that he went to Thornburg’s home with the other two men, It’s unclear what Hursey was doing or where he was during the account he described to police.

The three then went the home of DeHart’s parents. Hursey told police DeHart went to the garage and got lighter fluid and burned coats, gloves and shoes in the back yard. They also burned the original bag of marijuana from Thornburg. These details are congruent with a burn pile found when officers searched the residence.

Police believe that later that morning, Joan DeHart, Kyle’s Mom, woke the men up , saying that she had seen Woody’s picture on TV and that he was wanted for murder. A witness told police that Joan DeHart agreed to be their alibi before driving them to an apartment complex in Warsaw.

The fourth person charged in connection with this crime is Kyle DeHart’s girlfriend, Ashlyn Shepard. She has been preliminarily charged with obstruction of justice.

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