FWCS parent concerned about two mile walk

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – David Badyna’s daughter will be heading to Snider High School next year. They’re home is in a no transportation zone, which means no bus will put up his daughter. She will have to walk two miles to school and Badyna has concerns.

Badyna called on Fort Wayne Community School’s board member Glenna Jehl to walk the two miles with him to see his concerns in person.

“The places that they’re walking are just not safe,” he said. “There’s either not sidewalks available to them or they’re having to cross busy streets where there are no crosswalks. There’s no crossing guards.”

Badyna and Jehl came across sidewalks that were not plowed during the walk. Both had to walk in the middle of the street in some residential neighborhoods until there was a sidewalk that was plowed. There were even some slick spots on some of the sidewalks.

Badyna’s major concern was his daughter crossing Maplecrest Road. While crossing the road, both had to make it across with ongoing traffic. Almost to the other side, an oncoming truck showed no signs of slowing down as they were crossing.

“That could be my daughter,” said Badyna. “What going to happen when it’s one person’s child in that street.”

Jehl said she came along to hear Badyna’s concerns and explain why she voted for the no transportation zone.

“We had a responsibility to make sure that the school continued to operate in the black and not go into debt,” she said.

Jehl mentions everything isn’t set in stone, meaning administrators will be viewing what’s working and what’s not working.

Badyna wants parents to speak up and voice their concerns to FWCS leaders.

He plans to talk with administrators to see what other options he has for his daughter before the next school year.

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