FBI: Person in custody in Maryland shootings

FORT MEADE, Maryland (AP) — A person believed responsible for shootings along highways over the last two weeks in the Baltimore-Washington area, including shots that damaged a National Security Agency building, is in custody, the FBI said early Wednesday.

The FBI believes the person in custody is responsible for shootings along Maryland highways, including one near the Fort Meade Army installation, which is home to the NSA, FBI spokeswoman Amy Thoreson said in a statement. She said no other information was available early Wednesday.

A person was taken into custody on Tuesday night, county police said in a statement posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning from a verified account.

On Tuesday afternoon, someone fired on a truck and one person was taken to the hospital after being injured by broken glass. Later in the afternoon, and about 12 miles (19 kilometers) away, there was a report of shots fired along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway; the NSA reported damage to a building nearby. No injuries were reported.

There have been several similar incidents recently in the Baltimore-Washington area and police had said they were investigating if they were linked.

On Feb. 24, a man was injured by breaking glass when his vehicle was fired on near a shopping mall. Police on Saturday released a compilation of surveillance videos that showed a dark Lincoln Town Car they believed may have been involved.

Early Monday, police responded to reports of shots fired outside a movie theater.

The first of Tuesday’s shootings was reported about 2:40 p.m., when a truck with two people inside was struck by gunfire, according to police. One person was treated at a local hospital for injuries caused by shattering glass and released. Investigators recovered a bullet fragment from the clothing of the other person in the truck, police said.

In response to questions about the report later of shots fired near the NSA and building damage, the surveillance agency issued a short statement Tuesday: “The investigation referenced is ongoing. No injuries to NSA personnel have been reported.” Spokesman Ian Brennan declined to comment further.

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