Mad Ants Fall in OT to Sioux Falls

Andre Emmett

FORT WAYNE Ind. (Kara Gilley-Mad Ants Director of Communications) – The Mad Ants, sponsored by Lutheran Health Network, fell in their return home, Sunday, March 1st to the Sioux Falls Skyforce 122-118 in overtime at the Allen Co. War Memorial Coliseum.

The game exploded straight from the jump ball, filling the first twelve minutes with high powered offense from both sides, keeping the game close, but ultimately ended in the Mad Ants favor 44-38. The pace of the second quarter would weaken just so slightly, but the Mad Ants were still able to find themselves on top 70-61 at the half way point. Emmett recorded 21 first half points, while McKinney-Jones netted 14 of his own. CJ Fair in his new starting role put up 12 points.

The Mad Ants held the lead the majority of the third quarter before the early half of the fourth quarter became a tightly contested offensive game that couldn’t be settled after twelve minutes, as the score was set at 113-113 both sides. In the Mad Ants second overtime game this season, the Mad Ants, although with the push at the end to take back control, fell 122-118. Emmett led all scorers with his double-double of 37 points and 11 rebounds. Fair recorded 24 of his own and Gary Talton would add 11 assists to his 14 points.

Mike Muscala is back with the Ants. The Atlanta Hawks announced his reassignment on Sunday. In five contests with Fort Wayne this season (4-1 record), he is put up 14.4 points, 8.8 rebounds, 1.6 assists and 1.2 blocks.

For the Skyforce, Scotty Hopson led with 35 points and Andre Dawkins followed close behind with 34 of his own. Khem Birch led all with 17 rebounds in that category to add to his 15 points.


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