Winter Random Acts of Kindness happening in N.Y.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A random act of kindness in Albany is helping perfect strangers get through this brutal winter.

Melanie Norfleet walks through Albany’s Washington Park every day. She says the recent pop of color from scarves and hats against the white snow are hard to miss.

“I see red scarves on benches and scarves on the trees on that side,” Norfleet said.

But these winter must haves aren’t lost. It’s all a part of a movement sweeping the nation called “Winter Random Acts of Kindness” and Norfleet says with the amount of homeless individuals walking through the park, she thinks it’s great.

“If they see these things, then they are able to get them,” said Norfleet.

The executive director of the homeless and travelers aid society agrees.

“It’s not just about being warm. Frostbite is very serious, and so we are just thrilled that people are doing this,” said Liz Hitt, HATAS Executive Director.

If you’re wondering if anyone uses these scarves on the trees, while inside doing my interview, one gentleman told me he didn’t want to go on camera, but said he himself picked up one of the scarves, which saved him from the brutal wind that day. Afterwards he blessed whoever put it there.

Hitt says individuals are usually too proud to ask for help, and these acts of kindness allow people to walk through the park and take what they need. She says it’s something she herself will start doing because it could potentially save a life

“They don’t have things, you know scarves, gloves. Because the weather is so bad out here, we don’t want to find people in the park dead,” Norfleet said.

If you wish to participate it’s easy. All you have to do is take gloves, scarves, or hats that you no longer want, place it on a tree, and hope it finds someone who needs it.

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