Election board dismisses all but one candidate challenge

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The Allen County Election Board heard several challenges against candidates Wednesday afternoon. All but one were dismissed.

Democratic mayoral candidate David Roach submitted 13 of the 14 challenges. Four of them were against Mayor Tom Henry. He also challenged mayoral candidates Democrat Richard Stevenson, Republican William Collins and Democrat Tom Cook. He went on to challenge Tommy Schrader, Daniel Lobdell, Kevin Brown and Rusty York, all democratic candidates running for city council.

Those challenges were all dismissed.

“I do think there were areas raised that would have substantiated and would have allowed us to uphold a challenge but Mr. Roach just he simply did not provide the evidence I think in many of those incidents the board needed,” said Tom Hardin, Republican Chairman of the Allen County Election Board.

“I may not have had proof according to strict Indiana court evidentiary rules, but I know enough about looking up public information, looking up records on the internet and social media,” said Roach.

The board did uphold one of his challenges against John Roberson, a democratic mayoral candidate because he voted in a Republican primary in 2014, removing him from the ballot.

“With out having the benefit of hearing a rebuttal, it’s very difficult just to dismiss out of hand these challenges and so this is the process, this is what we’re supposed to do,” said Hardin.

Beverly Zuber, the Wayne Township Assessor, is challenging city clerk candidate Brian Thornton, for previous voting records. The board will meet with him again on February 25.

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