Police chaplain talks man down from water tower

CELINA, Ohio (WANE) A man who climbed a water tower and threatened to jump on Monday was talked down by a police chaplain who was called in after the man refused to talk to officers on the scene.

The incident took place just before 8 pm in the 400 block of Grand Lake Road when police and firefighters were called to the scene. When they arrived they spotted Reuben Rios, 31, about 50 feet up and talking on his cell phone. Rios continued to climb to the top of the ladder which let out onto a catwalk about 147 feet off the ground where he threatened to jump.

When Rios refused to talk to officers, Chaplain Randy Christian was called in and he was able to talk Rios off the tower. He was on the tower for about an hour and twenty minutes.

He was then taken to a hospital emergency room by ambulance. When asked why he climbed the tower, Rios would only say he has demons he fights every day.

Earlier in the day, officers had confronted Rios after receiving a report he had tried to break into a car to steal a candy bar. Rios denied any wrongdoing and told officers he was without a job and had no place to stay.

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