Uber brings puppy love to Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – On Wednesday Uber teamed up with the Humane Society of Indianapolis to offer cuddle time with puppies aiming to put a smile on someones face while raising money for the humane society.

The first stop was to the Marion County Coroner’s Office.

“There’s nothing like the love of a dog when you do the horrible job that we do here,” said Joy Carter who works at the Coroner’s Office.

For four hours Wednesday afternoon Uber users were able to select the option for 15 minutes of cuddle time with a puppy. The cost was $30.

“You just kind of want to smile, look at these puppies,” said Carter.

“It helps with stress relief too, to just spend 15 minutes with a puppy is perfect,” said Amanda Meyer who also works at the Coroner’s Office.

“Its something we do every once in a while to showcase the technology to show people that the technology can be used for so much more than just connect  a ride and driver and get you from one place to another,” said Chris Nakutis, GM for Uber Indiana.

The puppies came from the Humane Society of Indianapolis and Animal Care and Control, all of the money goes to their adoption efforts.

“There are always more animals that need homes than there is room for at the shelter,” said Anna Spitz, a volunteer with the Humane Society.

Ubers in 10 cities took part in this puppy love, it was in conjunction with Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl which will air this Sunday before the Super Bowl

In June, Uber delivered ice cream via the app. They say the company as a whole is looking into ways to use its technology to do more than just connect drivers with riders.

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