Surprise baby photographer overwhelmed by worldwide response

Camille and Kyle, a photographer is making headlines worldwide.

When Kendra Swalls first became a photographer, she likely expected to capture emotional moments like weddings, graduations and family reunions. She never expected one of her own photography shoots to lead to a worldwide reaction.

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It’s been eight days since Swalls, based in Justin, Texas outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, posted a blog including the beautiful story of how Camille told her husband Kyle that they were expecting a baby. Swalls included some of the photos she took of the couple as Camille revealed the announcement on a written card to Kyle. You could see the excitement and revelation of the big news all over Kyle’s face.

Going International:

Then, thanks to the internet, Camille and Kyle’s story, and Swalls’ as well, took on a life of its own. The blog and Facebook post have been shared all around the country and the world.

“I have had friends from other parts of the country contact me letting me know that they saw the story on their local news station,” Swalls said. “I am also receiving messages from around the world from people that have seen the Facebook post or read the story online and are either letting me know that they enjoyed the story or asking for session information. It has received more attention than I could have ever imagined.”

Darla was one of many commenters who echoed the same idea. “This was the best photography session I have ever come across! Love it. Everything about it was perfectly done! Wow, this was great, congratulations to the family!!”

Staying Busy:

For small business owner Swalls, it’s been a reaction she hadn’t expected, and it’s been keeping her very busy. In fact, for Swalls, photography isn’t her only occupation. She also works full-time at an elementary school as well.

“It has been a little overwhelming at times, but it is also exciting,” she told us. “I told Camille and Kyle that I am so glad that this happened with their story because it has been really fun to experience it all with them. The email and comments are pouring in daily which makes opening up my email really exciting!”
Enjoying the Ride:

Swalls knows this kind of exposure doesn’t come around every day.

“I am still trying to wrap my brain around the amount of people that have seen, liked or commented on the post. It amazes me how quickly it has spread and the power of the internet, but at the same time I am really excited about it,” Swalls said. “I know that opportunities like this don’t happen often so I am just enjoying the ride while it lasts.”

What’s Next:

We asked the creative photographer what’s next on her plate. She told us,”I am currently working on what I like to call True Beauty sessions. These are modern glamour sessions for women that not only showcase their beauty, but are a way to share their stories as well. As far as other sessions similar to the one I did for Kyle and Camille, I have a couple of other ideas that I am holding onto until the right couple or model comes along.”

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