Organization promotes plans to improve the Maumee River

Dozens gathered at a conference to discuss plans to improve the Maumee River.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A group whose efforts are to save the Maumee Watershed met Saturday to discuss several plans that could benefit the largest tributary to the Western Lake Erie Basin.

The Save Maumee Grassroots Organization hosted a conference at Indiana Tech, which was attended by dozens. The conference focused on a plan that’s been five years in the making.

In 2009 the Upper Maumee Watershed Partnership formed to promote conservation, restoration and appreciation of local natural resources. The group spent years awaiting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval for its Upper Maumee Watershed Plan, which was approved in December and opens up more federal dollars for cleanup projects.

Leaders said improvements help prevent water crises like the one Toledo, Ohio back in August. Part of the plan promotes educating people on how fertilization affects the river.

“Improper fertilization on [citizen’s] lawn or property in an urban setting, as well as in agricultural setting, can cause some problems for the river because of the runoff,” President of the Save Maumee Grass Roots Organization Lydia Lamont said.

“It’s important that the public takes an interest because a lot of them live in the Upper Maumee Watershed and if they do small things to try and make the water quality better– If lots of people do small things, then maybe we can have a big result,” Lamont said.

For more information on the Upper Maumee Watershed Partnership, click here.

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