Indy t-shirt company strikes again with deflate-gate design

Photo courtesy WISH-tv

INDIANAPOLIS (WANE/WISH) A t-shirt company that made waves on social media with a design that showed a “Colt” nearly trampling over a “Patriot” has come up with a new design in response to deflate-gate.

The company, Vardagen, introduced its latest t-shirt titled ‘Deflatriots’ a day after it was flooded with requests to design a parody on the NFL’s latest scandal.

Vardagen employee Bethany Peterson said the company received hundreds of requests, and just like last time when it designed ‘Colts Stomp Patriots,’ it started to “print out tons of labels and [started] stuffing bags as best as [it] could.”

“It was around 4 in the afternoon when we got the design finished,” Vardagen owner and founder Jared Ingold said. “And then we had samples later that night, a photo shoot in evening, a thousand shirts this morning, and had it all done in 24 hours.”

While many of the customers are purchasing the shirt because it’s funny, Ingold said people think it’s important at the same time. “It’s an important subject because we do really care about the integrity of the game,” Ingold said.

“We’re not sore losers… We know the Colts didn’t bring it like they could have on Sunday,” the company commented on its website.

“We think that no matter the score, integrity is more important than winning and the NFL should hold the highest standards so we fans can enjoy the sport that we love,” reads a statement on Vardagen’s website.

Ingold said since the popularity of the t-shirts “a lot more people understand who we are, what we do and how we do it. That’s exciting for us, because it’s a hard story to tell, there’s not that many other companies like us in the Midwest,” he said. “When they can see that we design, we print, we ship, have a store and do all our photography, and they see all that come together in a really tight time frame, then they start to have a real appreciation for what we do.”

As of Saturday, shirts were $10 off with free shipping. The shirt is priced at $16 online.

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