Principal, parent reflect on eLearning

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) While icy conditions caused all four Allen County public school districts to cancel school Wednesday, several parents spent part of the day helping their students with eLearning. Although reviews are mixed, NewsChannel 15 spoke to a local parent who is also a school principal who says eLearning is going more smoothly this year than last.

Jeanine Kleber’s two sons, Will and Nick spent part of Wednesday morning learning outside their elementary school classroom.

“Well it’s split right down the middle. I have one who loves it and the other one is just not real fond of it,” said Kleber.

She and her kids have the ability to access one main software program called, My Big Campus, where they can communicate with their teachers and classmates and ask questions any time.

Kleber is also the school principal at Haverhill Elementary School with Southwest Allen County Schools.

“The feedback that I get from parents this year is positive. I think that’s because they were willing to share their frustrations and successes last year and we were able to learn from those to make it more beneficial this year,” said Kleber.

She and her teachers are accessible from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. when the kids are learning from home. Anytime before or after that, they receive notifications for questions or assignment submissions.

“I know at a moment’s notice when somebody’s out there doing something and can check on it and make sure we’re supporting them no matter if it was 9 to 3 or it’s a Saturday.”

While Kleber can communicate with all of her students, which amounts to nearly 400, believes this is the future, she also admitted that it can be difficult to keep kids engaged as a parent. She said that’s why lessons have built-in breaks.

“It’s a balance, I will say, hang in there, it does get better. The teachers are getting better, everybody, the lessons are just their honing it in and I think the kids are enjoying it, the more they do it, the better they’re gonna get at it,” said Kleber.

According to Kleber, Southwest Allen County Schools works to make sure kids have the technology to complete the eLearning.

If students have trouble with an assignment, she said don’t get discouraged. Instead, send the teacher a note so she or he can work with your student the next day.


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