Parents question districts’ decision to hold school

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Send your students to school in tricky road conditions or keep them home? That was the question many parents faced Monday morning. Despite heavy snow and messy road conditions, all four Allen County school districts held school.

“I looked out and I’m like, ‘Why is the bus still there?'” said JoAnn Pomeroy.

Pomeroy’s cousins were on a school bus that got stuck Monday morning after their district’s two hour delay.

Some parents remove their children from the bus after it gets stuck in Monroeville Monday morning.
Some parents removed their children from a bus after it gets stuck in Monroeville Monday morning. According to JoAnn Pomeroy, the bus was there until 10:30 a.m.

“My two children come running up to me, get of the bus come running up to me and said, ‘mom, mom our bus is stuck you have have to take us to school,'” said Juanita Bergman.

Bergman of Monroeville decided that her kids won’t be going to school and held an e-learning day instead.

“I talked to the bus driver, she told me that she had gotten stuck three other times prior to getting stuck here. She’s like and there’s nothing I can do, there’s ice on the ground, so my tires just keep spinning,” said Bergman.

School districts around the county were busy fielding calls from parents asking why school was held.

“We know that obviously that decision doesn’t make everyone happy and that’s why we do say to parents if they disagree with our decision, they can always keep their child home and certainly many did that today,” said Krista Stockman, spokesperson for Fort Wayne Community Schools.

East Allen County Schools’ central office took a couple dozen calls alone.

“We talked to every parent that called in today to explain why we did what we did,” said Tamyra Kelly, Public Relation Liaison for East Allen County Schools.

According to Kelly, transportation crews drove the roads starting at 4 a.m. Officials have until 7:15 a.m. to call school off. Much of the snow fell after that.

“Once we call it, buses start running and so it’s very difficult to pull the buses back,” said Kelly.

Still, knowing what they know now, officials stuck by their decision.

“The streets are kind of wet and slushy and we believe the kids will get home safe so I think we probably would have made the same decision,” said Kelly.

“If it’s not safe to transport kids to school, then we’re going to cancel. It doesn’t matter how many days we’ve already missed. Last year was a good example of that,” said Stockman.

If parents decide to keep their student home, that is an excused absence.

Officials want to remind people to shovel their sidewalk so students aren’t forced to walk in the street.

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