Lawmakers advised to evaluate online instruction days

eLearning Day

MONROE, Ind. (WANE) – A State Board of Education member wants lawmakers to weigh in on eLearning and if it should qualify as a day of instruction. Adams Central Community Schools superintendent wants legislators to get input from districts on how effective it is before making any decisions.

Adams Central used an eLearning day for the first time Thursday. Lori Stiglitz, the district’s superintendent, said it was a successful day with students and teachers using the online instruction. Stiglitz and her staff had several months of preparations of lesson plans and get students ready for eLearning.

“They’re definitely not missing the connectivity in the lessons because that’s just been seamless, again, high planning by staff members,” she said.

Some education board members do have concerns eLearning doesn’t provide the same level of instruction than classroom interaction. Students must receive 180 days of instruction by state law. In that law, there’s no definition on how the day of instruction should look like. Brad Oliver, one of the members, wants lawmakers to classify a day of instruction now that districts are using eLearning. State senator Dennis Kruse, chairman of the Education and Career Development committee, said it could be a possibility, but is more concerned with all students having access to eLearning.

“eLearning isn’t really defined, but it should be defined that every student who comes to school should have access to learning if you’re going to have eLearning where the kids are going to be home and the teachers are going to be teaching over the internet,” said Kruse.

Stiglitz hopes lawmakers would consider investigating how eLearning is working before making any legislation on if eLearning is effective and should be considered at school day or not.

“I would like our legislators to really see what this could be,” she explains. “There are opportunities here that we’ve only begun to tap into.”

Senator Kruse said he and legislators will consult with the educational leaders of all the school corporations around the state before making any decisions on legislation.

He also wants to set funds aside to make sure every district that wants to add eLearning has the resources to do so.

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