Illinois fishermen charged after using illegal nets


POSEY COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) Three men from Illinois have been charged for fishing with an illegal net after they were seen using it in October. Conservation officers said the men caught more than a ton of fish using a type of net that is illegal.

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, while on a routine patrol the men were seen using gill nets in the Wabash River in Posey County, which is located in southern Indiana. Gill nets are prohibited and considered an illegal fishing device in the Wabash River under Indiana and Illinois law.

While investigating the fishermen, conservation officers discovered they had the men caught about 2,300 pounds of various types of fish including carp, buffalo and catfish. Officers said the fish were transported and sold in another state.

The following three men were charged with illegally selling or shipping fish and with taking fish by an unlawful method:

  • Colton Johnson ,23, of Johnston City
  • Kyle Williams, 24, of Marion
  • Jeffery Evrard, 49, of Marion

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