Coverage You Counted On: Top 5

5. Fort Wayne Is Still Dangerous Despite Drop in Homicide Rate

After setting a dubious record of 45 homicides in 2013, Fort Wayne saw a dramatic reduction in 2014. Even with that dramatic reduction, the city witnessed its most flagrant gang-style shooting ever and it was captured on a neighbors’ home surveillance video.


4. Same Sex Marriage Ban Goes Back and Forth

Same-sex marriage was on again off again in Indiana. The ban officially ended October 7th after the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order lifting a stay that went into place while the U.S. Supreme Court considered hearing appeals on the ban. Licenses were issued to hundreds of same-sex couples.


3. 15 Finds Out: Sandbox Veterans Investigation

15 Finds Out launched an investigation into the tactics of a group known as the Sandbox Veterans. They collected money claiming the funds would help Iraq and Afghanistan vets with PTSD.  But after a series of investigative reports, Adam Widener uncovered questionable practices and helped initiate an investigation by the Indiana Attorney General’s office.

2. Hatch – Back on the Court

He survived two plane crashes that killed his family and left him in a coma for two months. In November, Austin Hatch made his college debut at the University of Michigan. Hatch’s story of perseverance has received national attention as an affirmation of the indomitable human spirit.


… and the top story of the year:

Toughest Winter Ever

From January through March the area was inundated with snow and frigid weather that when combined with the wind chill sent temperatures plunging well below zero. Schools repeatedly closed, water main breaks were widespread, power outages were numerous and travel bans were put in effect.


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