Major changes on the way for moped drivers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A big change is on the way for moped drivers, and it’ll start with a trip to the BMV by the first of February.  Starting Friday moped drivers will only have a month to register their bike with the state.
For the small fee, several folks we talked with who have mopeds say that gives them peace of mind.

“It’s not a bad idea. Because they were talking about taking them off the streets,” moped owner David Knapp said.

David Knapp relies on his moped most days to get him to and from work when friends can’t give him a lift.  With the new state law going into effect after the first of the year, he only has about 30 days to register.

“This allows us to be able to track the vehicle. To be able to see if someone may be purchasing a stolen moped as this has also been a problem for a long time,” BMV spokesperson Josh Gillespie said.

Knapp and other moped drivers we talked with are happy the state is making it so they can register their bike.  The small fee is worth them being able to hopefully track any future stolen bikes.

“Not me but I have known a lot of people who have had their bike stolen and then get it back all beat up. They are just easy to steal,” Knapp said.

Starting January 2nd, moped drivers will need to bring a valid ID plus proof of ownership of their bike.  They’ll have to take a test.  Plus, pay $26.35 to register and another $10 in excise tax fees.

“Pretty much a basic test of knowledge, rules of the road. A lot of this information can be found in our driver’s manual,” Gillespie said.

For more info, click here.

If a moped driver hasn’t registered by February first, police will issue warnings and citations at their discretion.


*The BMV encourages drivers to come in ASAP starting January 2, 2015.
* Also, your local/county police may have differing grace periods for moped drivers to get registered.  Contact them with any questions you have about their grace period.

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