Lost or stolen? Man’s best friend gone missing

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Several viewers contacted News Channel 15 and said their dogs were stolen this holiday season.

Brandi Ramey is among the pet owners who posted their missing dogs pictures on the “Lost Dog Fort Wayne” site on Facebook.

“Shortly after I posted, a lady commented that two men had my dog and were riding down Creighton with her in their arms,” Ramey said.  Fort Wayne Police recovered Ramey’s dog from the two men who were holding her.

We contacted Animal Care and Control and while they can’t point to an increase in reports of stolen animals, they say more dogs are being listed under suspicous circumstances on craigslist and other online classfieds sites.  There are steps you can take to try to recover a missing pet.

Contact your local shelter and file a lost pet report.  If you have reason to believe your dog was stolen file a report with police.  Then go to craigslist, ebay classifieds, oodle dot com and check local ads to be sure that you don’t see your pet listed for sale.

If you suspect someone may be trying to sell your stolen dog on the internet or in a classified ad, contact police and have them go with you when you attempt to meet up with the seller.



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