Incident likely to prompt more training for poll workers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Some poll workers testified before the Allen County Election Board Monday after receiving credible evidence an election law was violated on Election Day last month.

Election board officials received a complaint from a voter who said she didn’t receive a receipt after she allowed someone to vote for her. The voter’s designed polling site was at the Albert G. Jennings Recreational Center. The voter was disabled and needed to use an elevator. In Monday’s hearing, poll workers testified that the elevator worked, but only if someone held the button to the floor they were going to.

“If she didn’t have trouble with the elevator, she’d have cast her vote and wouldn’t have had to spend this time today,” said Tim Pape, Allen County Election Board member.

The voter wanted a receipt from the individual she claims cast her vote for proof her ballot was cast. She didn’t receive a receipt, which Beth Dlug; Director of Elections for the Allen County Election Board, said was the reason why the voter filed a complaint.

The election board had a list of witnesses they wanted to hear from about the voting situation at the Jennings Center. Almost half didn’t show up including the voter who filed the complaint. Beth Dlug, Director of Elections for the Allen County board, said all witnesses received a notice of Monday’s hearing.

“The failure of the original voter who made the allegations of someone else was allowed to vote for her to appear made it very difficult to determine, if anything, had occurred that was against election law or whom, particularly, might have did that,” Pape said.

Dlug said the election board will be re-evaluating the Jennings Center as a polling site due to the elevator issues.

The board ruled to retrain all poll workers individually for the next election. They also plan to send the voter who filed the complaint a letter stating giving her ID card to someone to vote for her is against the law and could face prosecution if it happens again. 

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