Congress finishes up, its members still grumbling

A cyclist rides across the front plaza of the US Capitol early Tuesday morning Nov. 4, 2014 in Washington. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The 113th Congress began its turbulent life two years ago battling over whether to help Superstorm Sandy victims.

They did.

By the time Congress limped out of town last week, one of its last acts was to honor the 100th anniversary of the extinction of passenger pigeons.

In between were mostly modest achievements that were overshadowed by partisan gridlock, investigations and sharp clashes capped by a partial government shutdown.

Congressional and White House data show that President Barack Obama signed 296 bills into law as of Friday. That’s the second lowest total for any two-year Congress in records dating to the 1940s.

The session that President Harry S. Truman dubbed the “do-nothing Congress” of 1947 and 1948? It enacted over 900 laws.


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