Donations are down for local charities

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Salvation Army and Toys for Tots don’t have much time left to get in those last minute donations, but organizers tell NewsChannel 15 they might come up short again this year.

Smaller donations have been the theme for the last couple years for these organizations. The Salvation Army said the last time it met its goals was back in 2010. As of Tuesday, Major Harold Poff said they’re not even halfway to their goal for 2014, and only has two weeks left.

“Fundraising we’re doing at this point is $235,000 and through yesterday, we’re just at a touch over a $100,000,” he said.

Toys for Tots organizer, Sunny Helstrom, said the group helps nearly 3,000 kids every year in six counties. Even though their donations were coming in slow in the beginning, Helstrom mentioned it’s starting to pick up within the last week or so.

“The last few years have been the donations have been down somewhat, but we have been able to service all the children that have applied,” said Helstrom.

It’s not too late to donate to both organizations. Toys for Tots are still accepting toys at any of the Kroger or Walgreens until Sunday Dec. 14.

The Salvation Army will also be accepting monetary donations for the next couple weeks.

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