Counterfeit cash circulating in Marion

(AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

MARION, Ind. (WISH/WANE) – Police in Marion are sending out a warning to consumers, “Watch out for counterfeit cash.”

Officers say there have been at least 12 reports of fake bills being passed during the past two weeks. The bills have ranged from $5 to $100.

Police are asking cashiers to be more watchful and to contact the department if they get fake bills.

The Fort Wayne Police Department also sent a reminder asking both residents and retailers to be on the lookout for counterfeit currency.

According to police, 50 percent of shoppers use paper currency over credit and/or debit cards during the holiday season. To distinguish between bills, police suggest holding it up to a light source to see the security thread and watermark. People can also place the bill under UV light. Authentic bills made after 1996 will glow the following color depending on its denomination:

  • $100—red/pink
  • $50—yellow
  • $20—green
  • $10—orange
  • $5– blue

Police also suggest comparing the bill to other authentic bills, checking the feel of the note and checking for a serial number.

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