BBB warns of hackers this Cyber Monday

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Are you doing some online shopping this Cyber Monday?

Around the holidays, leaders at the Better Business Bureau said they get double the normal amount of calls from local shoppers who are worried someone’s taking advantage of them. Cyber Monday is no exception.

According to the National Retail Federation, about 127 million people in the country are planning on shopping online during Cyber Monday.

A spokesperson for the BBB said there will always be someone waiting to take advantage of you on Cyber Monday and throughout the season.

Kalisha Doty is doing her holiday shopping in stores and online.

“I’m going to do some of it online on eBay,” said Doty.

However, beyond the computer, Marjorie Stephens, CEO of the BBB said hackers are waiting. The BBB in Fort Wayne often receives dozens of calls a day around the holidays from concerned shoppers.

“This is obviously a busy time of the season for everyone. They’re busier than they normally are, not paying as close of attention to things that they should be. So, the scammers are, they’re out there. They’re checking and they’re winning or they wouldn’t be doing it,” said Stephens.

That’s why Stephens encourages you to use sites you know and that have a track record.

She said look for the letters, https, in the web browser. That means it’s a secure, legitimate site.

Also, check the company’s privacy policy, which many people don’t often read. That policy should include the company’s address and contact information just in case you need to get a hold of someone if you weren’t pleased with your purchase.

Stephens said don’t click on emails or pop ups that are unfamiliar.

“When it comes down to it, it’s really up to the individual to make sure that what they’re doing is okay but we are always going to have unfortunately the advent of hackers is here to stay and we just have to be diligent as we possibly can,” said Stephens.

If you think you may have already been hacked, the BBB says to call your bank immediately, cancel your credit and debit cards and check your credit reports.

Stephens says you should consider putting a security freeze on your credit reports, so that only you can have access.


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