TV thief pulls gun on Wal-Mart greeters in Indy

Walmart thieves in Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating after one of two thieves pulled a gun on Wal-Mart greeters.

The armed robbery was at the Wal-Mart in the 7100 block of North Keystone.

According to police, two men skipped the cash register and walked out with an $800 television. When confronted by the Wal-Mart greeters, one of the suspects pulled out a gun. The two men then made a dash to a dark-colored SUV.

Wal-Mart released photos of the suspects.

Many shoppers had no knowledge of the armed robbery inside the store as they did their last minute Thanksgiving day shopping.

Wal-Mart shopper James O’Connell said when shopping he doesn’t really pay attention surroundings, but because of this latest incident he will be more watchful.

“I just hope for the best. I don’t really consider the alternative,“ O’Connell said.

Call Crime Stoppers 262-TIPS (8477) if you have information on the suspects.

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