Patients: Controversial pain clinic goes out of business

One location of Centers for Pain Relief. This clinic is location in Muncie.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A controversial pain clinic has officially gone out of business.  That’s what several patients of Dr. William Hedrick have told NewsChannel 15 over the last couple of days.

You may remember, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board suspended Dr. Hedrick’s license a little over a month ago.  That’s because the attorney general’s office believes Hedrick was jeopardizing patients’ safety, falsifying medical records, prescriptions, and using dangerous prescribing practices.  Although we don’t know exactly why he went out of business, some of his patients say it’s creating a hardship for them.

“They just called today and said they had to cancel my appointment for Monday, and the reason being was because they are closing their doors,” former patient of Dr. William Hedrick told NewsChannel 15.

This patient says she turned to Dr. Hedrick for pain management once she hurt her back and had a failed back surgery that left her feeling worse.  Since she hasn’t transfered her patient history from his office yet, she asked we conceal her identity.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to find another doctor or when they will be able to see me. It could be a month or two months.”

With only a week worth of pain pills left, she’s fearful that once she runs out she’ll be paralyzed by the pain.

“If I do have the medicine that I have right now, but I will run out, it helps me to do a little bit of the every day things not too much though because I still have the problems back there.”

Nick Goodwin with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency says Hedrick was not forced to close, and Hedrick never notified the agency that he was closing.

According to an Indiana state statute (844 IAC 5-2-16) “Patients must be notified in writing that a practice is closing or by publication once a week for three weeks. Reasonable arrangements must also be made to transfer medical records, so patients can receive care at another practice.”

Hedrick’s license will continue to be suspended for 90 days while the Attorney General’s Office completes a formal licensing complaint. Once a complaint is filed, the board has the authority to determine what, if any, disciplinary action will be taken.

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