Expect new changes to ACA website

This undated file image shows the website for updated HealthCare,gov, a federal government website managed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service. HealthCare.gov, the online portal for health insurance under President Barack Obama’s health care law, has been revamped as its second enrollment season approaches. (AP Photo/file)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – This will be the second time millions of Americans will try to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace.

There’s a three month enrollment period which started Nov. 15. and goes until Feb. 15. It went until March 31 last year.

The website launched last year and there were many glitches. One of the many reasons is it couldn’t handle the original demand. Budget number crunchers for Congress had estimated 7 million people would enroll, but cut that back to 6 million because of website glitches. Eight million actually signed up, beating expectations. In the end, about 7 million were still enrolled.

Americans can expect a new interface and an easier way to find out what you’re eligible for. With the old website, consumers had to create an account to see what they’re eligible for. Under the new site, consumers provide their zip code, annual salary and age to see what they’re eligibility.

Those consumers who signed up last year can login back into the marketplace and reapply for coverage this year.

If consumers went uninsured last year, fines will start at $95. If they go uninsured this year, fines will begin at $325.

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