Volunteers brave night in cold to help homeless

Twenty five volunteers got a chance to see what it's like living outside.
cold night1
Volunteers have been getting a chance to see what it’s like living outside on the lawn of the Charis House.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- More than two dozen volunteers spent the night living outside to get a firsthand look into what it is like to sleep out in the cold. Friday night, The Rescue Mission -along with Pathway Community Church- hosted “One Night Without a Home.”

Twenty- five people spent all night on the lawn of the Charis House -The Rescue Mission’s ministry to women and children- to simulate the experience of being homeless. The experience lasted from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday.

After a night out in the cold, where temperatures reached a low of 19 degrees, a volunteer said he would definitely be going home and appreciating his warm bed.

“It was cold,” Parker Crosby said. “But even with what we are doing here, we have tents, we have a little more warmth and shelter than a lot of people who are homeless get.”

The volunteers raised more than $5,000 sponsorship funds for the Rescue Mission. The group raised funds in order to bring along “luxury” items like hand warmers, extra blankets, a cardboard box, or a sleeping bag. Crosby said with those things the group was able to make it through the night.

The group of volunteers went on a tour of the Rescue Mission and spoke with homeless people to hear about the reality of living seasons and years without a home.

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