City street crews tackling leaves, snow

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – With lower temperatures and some snow flurries, workers at the street department say they’re ready to tackle winter weather.  Over the last few weeks, crews have been working hard to remove leaves from the streets and curbs.

Leaves fill a neighborhood near Snider High School.  City spokesperson Frank Suarez says it created a last minute change for the street department’s leaf pickup schedule.

“This often happens where you have to adjust the schedule because a number of leaves come down at once,” spokesperson for City Public Works Frank Suarez said.

They’ve been working for hours to clean it all up.  Trying to beat the snow that may fall over the weekend.

“When there were a lot of leaves out there it was mixed with the snow too and it added volume to the street, took up space. We have a lot of neighborhoods where people do use the street to park on and that was a critical space to those neighborhoods.”

Suarez says if homeowners start putting their leaves in biodegradable bags like these it would help make the leaf collection process go by much faster.

“One thing that we found that has been popular is people can call 311 and they can put their leaves in biodegradable bags and then sit it out by the curb and it will be collected within two days. So, this is a convenience if you want to control the schedule of when your leaves are picked up.”

With winter weather moving in, Suarez says they’ve already converted some of their trucks.  Outfitting it with salt and snow plows.

“We already this week had crews out salting when we had the snow on Thursday. So, certainly it is an unusual time to get out early, but we are ready to go. We have about 12 trucks that could go today if they needed to.”

Leaf piles near the road may be tempting for kids to play in.  That’s why city officials want to remind parents not to let your children play in it once it’s out by the curb.

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