Murder suspect described as scary child

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Monday, the Allen County prosecutor charged 20-year-old Quinn Albers for murdering 30-year-old Katherine Gick a week ago at the Catholic Cemetery.

For one man who came into contact with Albers daily as a child, this news didn’t come as a surprise.

“He was very manipulative,” said John Leone.

Back in 2004, 2005 and 2006, Leone got to know Quinn Albers at a local agency for emotionally troubled children.

“Property was destroyed. We’re talking doors kicked in, walls, holes, broken television sets, VCRs, just anything he can get his hands on. So there’s always a fear of rage in him and you really didn’t want to press it,” said Leone.

Leone was in the maintenance department and trained in intervention procedures, coming in contact with Albers daily. He described him as intelligent, at times pleasant, but rebellious and scary.

“It was a balancing act over there. It was like being on a teeter-totter and you had to hold balance because harm could come to you.”

Leone said Albers drew dark pictures and liked making weapons.

“There was always a threat from Quinn that he was going to shank somebody or he was going to shank me or a couple of times, he would poke me with something.”

A week ago, Leone’s fears were confirmed. Police arrested Albers, after Gick was found naked in a local cemetery, with burns to various parts of her body. Albers was carrying a bag with knife handles and Gick’s ID. His hands and torso were injured and he had blood on his hands.

Leone said although he’s not surprised, it’s still a shock to him and the community.

“I was almost sure that would have happened sooner, the way he talked and the way he threatened.”

Gick’s funeral is Thursday.

Her family said the community’s support and their faith are what’s getting them through this difficult time.


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