Fire Marshal: Fire at pizza shop likely intentional

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WANE) Instead of serving up pizzas at their new location, the owners of a local pizza shop are cleaning up after a fire.

Tuesday was supposed to be opening day for Jimmy Pop’s Pizza Shop in Huntington. Instead, they’re spending it scrambling, after they said someone set the fire just after midnight.

Health and fire officials were scheduled for the final walk-through Tuesday morning at Jimmy Pop’s Pizza Shop before it opened for business.

“Everything was supposed to be good to go and we had everything ready and we were pumped up and a little bit of a hiccup,” said Clifford Coon, Co-owner of Jimmy Pop’s Pizza Shop.

Just after midnight, only a couple of hours after leaving their pizza shop, Clifford and Destiny Coon received the news.

“My mom was crying, she said the pizza shop is on fire,” said Clifford Coon.

“I thought she was crazy because there’s no way our store could have been on fire. We worked too hard,” said Destiny Coon.

Smoke was coming from the back of the store, which is connected to a whole building occupied by other tenants.

“The response of the fire department was enormous because they got here fast enough that they was able to control this quick,” said Clifford Coon.

Although damage was minimal, the owners will spend thousands of dollars in food and supply costs, since most of that has to be thrown out. Dishes and utensils have to be washed and rewashed to get rid of the smoky smell.

“When you put everything into something, you just want it to go right. You know, the family relied on it and somebody just wanted to take it away from us,” said Coon.

However, the owners said what matters are their employees and the community’s support for the family-owned shop.

“All of our employees showed up first thing this morning, some of them showed up at midnight, some haven’t left,” said Coon.

“You thought you were hurting us and you did. But what you really hurt the most was our customers,” said Destiny Coon.

The owners plan to open Jimmy Pop’s Pizza either by Wednesday or Thursday.

They plan on investing in a fire resistant door and surveillance cameras.

Investigators believe this fire was intentionally set but the cause is still officially under investigation.

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