Ohio congressman tours hospital for Ebola preparedness

PAULDING CO., Ind. (WANE) – Representative Bob Latta, who sits on a committee in Congress that overseas health-related issues and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, visited Paulding County Hospital Friday to see if staff was prepared to handle an Ebola patient.

Randy Ruge, CEO of Paulding County Hospital, met with Representative Latta and showed him the equipment and gear that are on hand for nurses and doctors if they encouter an Ebola patient.

“This morning our chief nursing officer and infections control nurse conducted in-service with the nursing staff from how to put the gear on as well as how to take it off,” said Ruge.

There are signs on the outside of hospital doors regarding what Ebola patients should do if they came to Paulding County Hospital. On those signs, it says:

  • If a patient has a fever of 105.1 degrees,
  • Symptoms such as severe headache, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain or unexplained hemorrhage,
  • Traveled to a Ebola-affected country in West Africa, or
  • Been in contact with someone who has traveled to those region, must enter through a different location at the hospital.

They will then be put into a room that’s several feet away from the entrance to minimize contact with people.

“Their entry into the hospital will involve about 20 feet and that’s the extent of it,” Ruge said.

Congressman Latta said he’s glad to see hospitals in his district getting prepared.

“They’ve gone through the guidelines, they’ve looked through training, and they want to make sure that their staff is ready to meet any type of situation that might come through the door,” he said.

Latta said there’s also consideration of travel restrictions to and from Ebola-affected countries.

Indiana Representative Susan Brooks, the chairman of a Homeland Security subcommittee, has sent recommendations to Secretary of State John Kerry to suspend thousands of visas until this problem is under control.

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