Expert says streaming services could change TV

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – HBO and CBS has announced offering consumers their own stand-alone streaming services. A professor with IPFW’s Department of Communication said if more networks after streaming services, it can eventually shake up how the cable industry provides services.

HBO announced on Wednesday that it will be offering their programming on HBO Go as a stand-alone product. CBS made the same announcement on Thursday.

“People are choosing to stream content on digital devices, on tablets, or through things like Roku boxes or Apple TV,” said Dan Tamul, assistant professor in the Department of Communication at IPFW. 

Devices like Apple TV and Roku let consumers stream programming on their TV, computer, phone or tablet at a cheaper price than cable. According to International Business Times, the average cable bill for a household was $64.41, a 131 percent increase from 1998. HBO and CBS are looking to offer consumers a cheaper, a la carte option with their own stand-alone digital streaming service, with CBS charging 5.99 a month. HBO has not released how much it will charge.

“At the very least, consumers are going to be able to have more convenience to watch what they want when they want,” Tamul said. 

According to Forrester Research, 40 percent of adults prefer streaming programming on their TV through services like Roku and Apple TV. 

Tamul said this could be a huge concern for the cable industry. He said if more networks offer a streaming service, many networks could lose funding and not be able to support themselves. It could also force the cable industry to offer a la carte service, but Tamul said it could be many years, if this was to happen, before this would be available to consumers.

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