N. Machester man wants to stop police from shooting pets

NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. (WANE) – Ernie Bradley will be speaking in Indianapolis this month for a march called “Freeze, Don’t Shoot”. It’s a national campaign aimed at stopping family pets from being shot by the police.

Bradley said on March 10, his two dogs, Kramer and Mitt, were shot by a North Manchester police officer. He told NewsChannel 15 an officer ran through his yard to chase a drug addict who was running from police. As they were running through his yard, Bradley said one of the officers encountered his dogs and shot both of them, killing Kramer, and injuring Mitt.

“When your home has been attacked, you start to think a little different,” Bradley said.

Both dogs are Newfoundlands. He said they were shot because police saw them as big dogs. He claims while they might come across as intimidating, they’re “gentle giants”.

Bradley filed a lawsuit against the North Manchester Police Department, but took a settlement because he said it would have taken at least a couple years for legal process to go through. He said he was advised by some lawyers that it could have reached federal court.

“It was better for me to make a settlement then to wait this long,” he said. “It was difficult on my wife and everyone else.”

He’s used the settlement to put up a fence around his yard to prevent anyone from running through it again. It has also put up a couple signs that described what happened and his support for stopping police for using lethal force on pets.

Bradley said he wants officers to be trained on how to handle confrontations with pets.

North Manchester Police told NewsChannel 15 the department would release a statement, but no one was able to make it available Wednesday night.

Bradley will speak at the march on October 25.

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