Parkview and UHC negotiating separation

Ambulance entrance at Parkview Regional Medical Center.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Parkview Health announced last week it would no longer be part of UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Advantage plan.

Now, both parties said they’re open to possibly working out a solution.

A letter sent out last week to Parkview Medicare patients using UnitedHealthcare stated, “Parkview will no longer be included in any United Healthcare related insurance plans.”

According to Parkview Health officials, the move to drop UnitedHealthcare (UHC) stems from a decision by the insurance company to not include Parkview in its new Medicare Advantage plan called AARP Medicare Complete Focus effective January 1, 2015. The change means all services provided by a Parkview Physicians Group physician, specialist, a Parkview hospital or any other Parkview healthcare provider will be processed as out-of-network.

“We were actually surprised by the termination itself,” said Dan Krajnovich, CEO of UnitedHealthcare of Indiana and Kentucky.”We continue to have dialogue.”

Leaders with UnitedHealthcare said they met with Parkview representatives Monday. Parkview officials would not say whether an agreement would be reached.

However, Parkview officials said they are approaching the decision as if there is no new agreement, which gives patients time to make decisions on how they will proceed.

Parkview released a statement that said:

“To imply that the situation is any different would be a disservice to those impacted by these changes. In the interim, we’ll continue to work directly with our patients and their employers so they can make informed decisions regarding their options for 2015.”


Hospital officials said the letter was so definitive for that very purpose. However, leaders said they are willing to work towards a resolution.

“As things currently stand, Parkview is awaiting a proposal from UnitedHealthcare,” said Eric Clabaugh, Parkview Health spokesperson “Parkview will give fair consideration to any proposal made by United Healthcare.”

Meanwhile, UHC’s Krajnovich said there are concerns in the marketplace and they’re continuing to have open communication. He said it could lower costs to work with a smaller group of providers, but, they really wanted to give patients more options. He said 42 percent of the population in Allen County is left out of Medicare Advantage programs.

“What we have done is introduce a new solution. A new innovative solution for seniors, for Medicare advantage products, and it simply allows them to have other choices out there,” Krajnovich said.

Parkview officials wouldn’t answer what they plan to do about the patients that have already switched over after receiving the letter.

Currently, the termination between Park and UnitedHealthcare will take place in April 2015.

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