Donations help teen find donor

Community members held a fundraiser Saturday evening for a Fort Wayne teen diagnosed with a rare kidney disease.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A couple hundred people gathered at Avalon Missionary Church’s Family Life Center Saturday evening for a fundraiser supporting a Fort Wayne teenager. New Tech student, Noel Resor, was diagnosed in 2013 with a rare kidney disease, Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, or FSGS. The disease attacks the kidney’s filtering system and causes serious scarring, and it’s common that the disease will return after an initial transplant.

“She needs as much money as she can have for her lifetime,” Noel’s father, Mark Resor, said. “This one might be covered well by insurance, but we don’t know what the next one will look like.”

Her parents have concerns that when she’s too old to be under their insurance, she might not get picked up again because of her pre-existing condition. That’s where her church and Children’s Organ Transplant Association, or COTA, have stepped in to help. They’ve created a life-fund for Noel that will be used strictly for her future transplants and any related medical costs.

“We have been so blessed to see the potential positive outcome,” Frances Brooks, who helped plan the fundraiser Saturday said. “The scary part about Noel’s situation is that we don’t know if one kidney transplant will actually answer her need.”

Currently, Noel goes through eight hours of dialysis a day; however, she said it’s the community’s support that helps her get through these tough times. The fundraiser Saturday included a silent and live auction, live entertainment, and a dinner. Organizers had a goal of raising $3000. Over the past year, there have been around five community fundraisers for Noel. So far, they’ve raised $20,000 toward their overall goal of $75,000.

“I thank God every day for all that he has given to me, and the way that he’s given these people to me,” Noel said. ” When I’m older, and I don’t have my parents to take care of me, I’ll have the ability to take care of myself.”

Her family said they’re creating a new normal, and although her first two years of high school have included frequent trips to Riley Children’s Hospital, she and her family said they’re in a good place. Noel’s mother said Noel still goes to football games on Friday nights, she went to Homecoming, and she is even on Student Council.

“Even though it’s a big deal, it doesn’t mean that it defines me for the rest of my life, that I can still be who I am,” Noel said.

Noel’s family said she’s just a few weeks away from being placed on a donor list, so that is where they are focusing their energy. For more information on how to help Noel, click here or call (317) 944-4370.

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