Sen. Coats: Airstrikes aren’t enough to end war on ISIS

Senator Dan Coats. (WISH File Photo)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Senator Dan Coats was in Fort Wayne Tuesday and he talked with NewsChannel 15 about the war on ISIS.  He gave his opinion on the President’s strategy and whether the airstrikes are enough.

In Coats’ opinion, the President’s current strategy will only work for a short time.  Coats says we should be getting more moderate, civilized Islamic, Arab countries to join forces to fight the terrorist group.

“They haven’t put the forces together that can match up to ISIS,” (R-Indiana) U.S. Senator Dan Coats said.

Senator Coats says U.S. airstrikes are not the answer.  It will take something more.

“Others who have analyzed this and have looked at history have come to the conclusion that airstrikes alone cannot defeat an enemy that is dispersed widely on the ground that has the resources assets that ISIS has.”

Coats believes it will take more help from Muslim nations that have already jumped on board with U.S. airstrikes to put a stop to the terrorist group.

“We are the infidels. We cannot impose our ways of life on them without Muslims who are saying, ‘Wait a minute. This isn’t us either. This is brutality to its utmost form. This is a threat to us. We need to throw everything we have into this.’ Only if that happens will we successfully deal with this in my opinion without putting American boots on the ground.”

In Coats’ opinion: the President withdrawing troops from Iraq was not the right move to make.

“If we had kept a force of 10,000 or 15,000 as our generals recommended and our secretary of defense recommended to the President we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

To see his full interview, click on the second video.

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