Man steals ambulance, leads officers on chase

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Police in Indianapolis say someone stole an ambulance from a local hospital Tuesday morning and led officers on a chase.

The ambulance was reported stolen from Community East Hospital around 6 a.m. EMS Chief of Communications Carl Rochelle says the vehicle was in the bay area while crews were taking a patient into the hospital.

When the crew returned they discovered the ambulance missing. It was seen heading eastbound on 16th Street from the hospital.

Police say a GPS device on board the ambulance directed officers to the area of East 21st Street and German Church Road.

Officers spotted the ambulance about 10 minutes later near 10th and Cumberland. Police say the back door was open and the emergency lights were off.

The ambulance continued on to 21st and German Church and ended up on the Maple Creek Golf Course. Police set up a perimeter and apprehended the suspect, who was inside the ambulance.

“We’ll have mechanics go over the ambulance to make sure it is structurally sound,” Rochelle said. “I have not been back there to see it yet, but I understand it is tangled up in some fence materials.”

Rochelle says the ambulance is a $200,000 vehicle. There are currently 31 in service in Marion County.

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