Homestead H.S. holds first “Flex Day”

Homestead H.S. teacher Nick Byall participates in the school's first-ever flex day.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Homestead High School hosted the first of four scheduled “flex days” on Tuesday. Students received their assignments electronically and completed their work at home, while teachers and staff members took part in professional development opportunities.

Homestead remained open during the day for students who wanted to attend school or who needed access to the Internet.

Administrators at Southwest Allen County Schools say flex days allow the district to continue the educational process and save money. Teachers spent the morning in professional development workshops and were available for students’ questions in the afternoon. Since students were completing lessons at home, SACS didn’t have to hire substitutes to oversee classes.

“Over the course of four different eLearning days, it would’ve been about a $36,000 expense to cover classrooms, so that’s a big help,” said Homestead High School Principal Park Ginder.

Social Studies teacher Nick Byall said, “It gives us a chance to grow in a variety of ways, both the students and the teachers, so we can all be better prepared as we come to school each day.”

Three other flex days are scheduled for October 21, November 19, and December 11.


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