Human error causes many vehicle crashes

File Photo.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Thousands of cars are on the road every day and according to the Northeastern Indiana Regional Coordinating Council, majority of accidents are result of human error.

Jerry Foust, senior transportation planner, said drivers aren’t focused on the roads because of the many distractions they’re dealing with. He claims that cell phones, eating while behind the wheel, among other factors contribute to many accidents on the road. He states the main reason for accidents is drivers running traffic signals.

“What we’re seeing is aggressive driving,” Foust said. “People are trying to beat the cues of traffic.”

He said people need to practice simple intersection safety: slow down, pay attention and allow time to get to your destination.

“Driving cautiously and giving yourself plenty of time is generally the best rule and pay attention to your surroundings. Visual cues, we have warning signs for a reason,” he said. “We have traffic control devices throughout the city that are there to that manner of safety, but if you’re not paying attention to them, they don’t do any good.”

Foust adds there are other factors NIRCC considers that can cause accidents such as construction at intersection. He reminds drivers if they keep their eyes on the road, it could lead to fewer accidents.

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