County plans ahead for winter

A photo of a plow in a car's mirror.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- As the Allen County Council held budget discussions Thursday, part of those talks centered on the highway department’s budget after one of the toughest winters ever.

County leaders had to ask for an additional $400,000 during the harsh winter to pay for overtime, road salt and gas for trucks.

At the time, leaders had to move some funds around in order for that to happen. So this time around, they decided to plan ahead.

“Our highway department was able to take care of our road salt and our winter issues and make sure they put enough money aside for next year’s winter -this [coming] winter- depending on how it overlays,” said Allen County Councilman Darren Vogt.

The council says it’ll also set aside some money for vehicles for the sheriff’s department, along with a two percent raise for county employees. The council plans to finalize the budget at its next meeting in October.

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