Cedar Point to debut floorless roller coaster

SANDUSKY, OHIO (WANE) Rougarou is a terrifying wolf-like creature in French folklore and in the spring of 2015 it will be the newest roller coaster at Cedar Point. The amusement park announced Thursday that Rougarou’s floorless trains will reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour in an area in the center of the park also occupied by the Iron Dragon and Top Thrill Dragster coasters.

Rougarou is being manufactured by the same Swiss company that produced Raptor and GateKeeper.

Cedar Point also announced that Hotel Breakers will be newly renovated for 2015.  The hotel, which first opened in 1905, is located along Cedar Point Beach on Lake Erie.  As part of the two-year long renovation, the hotel will have a new exterior, remodeled rooms with new furnishings and a Starbucks and Surf Lounge bar inside the hotel rotunda.


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