Indy man arrested for shooting cat with blow darts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Police arrested an Indianapolis man for torturing or mutilating an animal Tuesday night.

Jeremiah Long is accused of shooting a cat multiple times with blow darts.

The cat’s owner, Amy Cohron found “Tippy” outside with the blow darts all over its body.

Cohron said she had to euthanize the cat because the darts caused so much internal damage.

“Pain went through my whole body because I was feeling his pain. He looked at me like ‘mommy help me’.  I knew not to take the pins out because it could hurt him worse. I didn’t know how deep they were, all I could do was put him in the car so he wouldn’t run off until the police and animal control got here,” said Cohron.

Police arrested Jeremiah Long, who lives just a few doors down from Cohron.

Long was released on Wednesday until his next court date on September 22. Prosecutors are still weighing what charges Long will face.

Now, neighbors are concerned about their safety.

“At what point in time is that enough? Whatever you were trying to accomplish, did you accomplish that with doing it to Tippy?” asked neighbor Corie Lane.

Cohron is hoping a harsh punishment will send a message to other animal abusers.

“He needs to be locked away. No slap on the wrist and get out so he can do something else. He needs to go down. They need to take this more seriously,” said Cohron.

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