Repaired steel sculpture to return to Fort Wayne

This steel sculpture by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art was damaged when it was hit by a drunk driver in June 2013.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) — A large abstract steel sculpture damaged when a truck struck it after crossing the lawn of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art has been repaired and is scheduled to be reinstalled.

The June 2013 damage to the 11-ton sculpture called Helmholtz was so severe it was shipped to the California studio of artist Mark di Suvero for repairs. Museum officials say it’s to be reinstalled this week.

To celebrate its return, the museum is planning a series of events to educate the public on its significance starting the week of Sept. 21. The sculpture was created in in 1985 after being commissioned by Rea Magnet Wire Co. to celebrate its 50th anniversary in Fort Wayne.

The sculpture is named after 19th century German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.


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