Pair arrested in missing Evansville woman’s case to face judge

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Two people accused of holding an Evansville, Ind., mother of two captive for two months and locking her in a cage will face a judge Monday.

Joelle Lockwood went missing July 9 and was rescued over the weekend.

The two people arrested are 37-year-old Ricky Roy House, Jr., and his girlfriend 44-year-old Kendra Tooley. They face preliminary charges of rape and criminal confinement.

Lockwood is from Evansville, but she was rescued from the couple’s mobile home in Posey County, just west of Evansville.

So far, police have not said how Lockwood ended up in the couple’s home, but they say she was kept in terrible conditions.

They say the man who rescued Lockwood, Ron Higgs, was a friend of the couple.

Higgs told police he stopped by the their home on Thursday.

He said the couple showed him where they were keeping Lockwood: in a cage held by a dog collar with no food or water.

Higgs said at one point Lockwood said to him, ‘Please, do not leave here without me.’

He told police he eventually did free her, though it’s unknown at this point how he did that.

“He took it upon himself to get her out of the residence, transported her back to Evansville, and when he got to Evansville, he contacted the authorities there,” Posey County Sheriff Greg Oeth said.

After her rescue Saturday night, Lockwood was taken to the hospital before going home.

The two suspects were arrested at their mobile home.

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