The Angus Advantage: Building a Better Burger

Today we’re talking about building a better burger. The key is to start off with the best ingredients. When it comes to looking for a grind, the numbers can be a little confusing. Just remember that they all should total to one hundred. When you look at the label it says 85-15, 80-20, or 90-10 that’s the percentage of lean to fat, totaling up to one hundred. Chef Michael recommends an 80-20 grind, typically from the chuck, for the most optimal flavor.

When it comes to forming a burger, grab about a quarter to a third pound of grind and then loosely turn it while pressing in the middle. You want to intentionally put a little indentation in the middle while solidifying the outer wall to protect it from cracks. It’s concave for a reason – when you put it on the grill, it will puff up in the middle. To counter that, you want to make it concave so you have a nice even burger, rather than a meatball.

Before putting this on a high heat grill, Chef Michael recommends some simple seasoning, using fresh cracked pepper and a little coarse kosher salt. When it comes to cooking, you want to develop the crust on each side. By using intuition and looking at the raw state up above, you should be able to tell when it’s due to be flipped. The key is to not press it and push the juices. Avoid that temptation and only flip the burger once! Then to know for sure if it’s done, use an internal-read thermometer and make sure it reads at least 160°.

For garnishes – pick your favorites! You can’t go wrong with a classic lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Don’t forget to to toast your buns over the grill a bit too to keep them from getting soggy with all those toppings.

So, what exactly is the angus advantage? As Chef Michael points out, angus is specifically just a breed of cattle. It’s a great starting point for good beef, but to become Certified Angus Beef means it has to meet ten strict standards, with marbling being the most important.

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