Linda Blair helps Indianapolis Humane Society

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Humane Society got a boost from a Hollywood actress on Friday.  Linda Blair of “The Exorcist” is a long-time animal welfare advocate who brought her message to the Circle City.

“What happened really in the last 17 years is that the pet overpopulation became so overwhelming,” she said.

Blair works hard now improving animal welfare nationwide and keeping her own animal shelter going.

“I run one of the largest in Southern California. But in America. It’s 100 plus dogs,” Blair said.

The shelter is part of the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation. Blair says while she’s been a lifelong advocate for animal welfare, it really took center stage in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

“Because I had taken responsibility for so many of the animals down there. And I bought a property and that,” she said.

Blair makes appearances nationwide, which is what brought her to Indianapolis. An opportunity to let people know about resources available for those struggling to raise their pets, and resources available to help pay for what she considers a must, having your pet spayed or neutered.

“It’s the kind of attention the Indy Humane Society appreciates,” says John Aleshire, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Humane Society.  “We see crowds in the lobby.

“We see people who want to support us. We see people who want to volunteer. We see people who realize that we’re more than just a shelter. We have a vaccination clinic. We have a wellness center,” he said on Friday.

Blair is best known for her Academy Award nominated role in the 1973 blockbuster movie “The Exorcist.” A role she says makes much of this possible.

“So I feel really lucky that I was part of such an enormous and impactful film and can do something positive and help America to make this a better place,” she said.

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