Inmate throws cup of poop, soap at officers

Mug shot of Demee Iluma (Photo courtesy of the Allen County Sheriff's Department)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – An inmate in the Allen County Jail is accused of throwing a styrofoam cup full of brown and white substance at officers Sunday.

It all started when the inmate 34-year-old Demee Iluma covered his jail cell window around 8:30 p.m. Sunday.  It is against jail rules to have cell windows covered.  Two officers helping medical staff at the jail noticed the covering.  They asked Iluma to remove it.  According to court documents he refused.  The officers opened Iluma’s cell door and removed the covering and asked him not to do it again.  Within minutes, officers say Iluma covered the window again.

According to police, Iluma has a “two man rule” inside the jail because he has a history of throwing items at officers and becoming agitated.  Three more officers assisted the original two.  All five walked into Iluma’s cell.  Iluma told police “You better get your b**** a**** out of here” and “Go the f*** away.”  Officers removed the covering for a second time.  As they were removing it, one officer noticed Iluma grabbing a styrofoam cup and warned the officers to watch out.  Iluma threw the cup at the officers hitting three of them.  Officers say it was full of a brown and white substance and smelled like feces.

Later that day, Iluma spoke with police.  He wouldn’t talk about what happened, but did say the cup was full of “poop” and soap.

Iluma faces three felony battery charges.

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