Search continues for 6-week-old Indianapolis baby

Delano Wilson


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The investigation into what happened to a local six-week old baby continues. Police say baby Delano Wilson was last seen in the area of Oliver and Harding on the city’s southwest side.

On Tuesday investigators were looking into a new lead. Authorities were searching the area of Holt road and I-70. That is along the Little Eagle Creek. The location is not far from the neighborhood where little Delano Wilson was last seen.

Indianapolis Fire Department divers started there search at Little Eagle Creek around 10 Tuesday morning. However, they found nothing. According to IMPD, officers will continue to search areas they didn’t get to last week, saying no stone will go unturned.

IMPD wants anyone with any information to call. However small or insignificant it may seem, IMPD says it doesn’t matter because that may be the one piece of information they need to find out what happened to Delano.

“Just spoke to one of the lead investigators and since this occurred he’s probably had about five or six hours of sleep,” says IMPD LT Chris Bailey.

Although the Amber Alert was canceled Friday followed by the calling off the general search Friday, police are hard at work trying to bring Delano home.

“We want to make sure that every rock is turned over. That we don’t leave anything behind

Delano’s father, Willie Wilson, says he was pistol whipped unconscious and woke up just in time to see a white male and Hispanic female take off with Delano in a blue Ford Taurus. He broke down at a rally asking for help Saturday.

Then, late Monday night police conducted a search warrant on Wilson’s home. For hours, combing through possessions and taking evidence to a crime lab unit.

“We was hoping for the best for the baby. But, the way it looks I don’t think that’s going to be the results,” said Thomas Harding a neighbor.

Checking all angles, IMPD says in this type of circumstance, a search warrant is standard operating procedure.

“I don’t think you’d be doing your job correctly if you weren’t looking at every aspect surrounding the abduction or missing person,” said Bailey.

Christina Richey says she saw Wilson walk out of the Henry Street alley Wednesday.

“Yea. He come out and kind of collapse, sit right there in the grass and then a couple minutes later the cops show up,” said Richey.

She says she’d seen Delano’s mother out with the baby plenty, but had never noticed Wilson until that day.

Now, she says, she’s just hoping for a safe return.

“It’s sad. It’s real sad, you know? The baby is still missing and I hope they find him okay,” said Richey.

Police can’t give specifics regarding the investigation. They just say their focus is on finding Delano and bringing him home.

Anyone with information that could possibly help, call 262-TIPS.

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